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Wantedly is a Tokyo-based tech social recruiting platform where talents and companies are connected through shared passion and values. Currently contributing at Wantedly as their Marketing & Client Success Manager.

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Career Connect Webinar Banner: Wantedly Career Connect aimed at job seekers, fresh graduates, and mid-career switches to equip them with tools and tips to refresh their resumes and learn the importance of personal branding to help them stand out and give them the edge.

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Career Connect Webinar on IG: RESERVE MY SEAT! Wantedly will be hosting our very own virtual Career Connect! Attendees will not only receive useful resources to upskill yourself, you will also get to WIN a set of @Hookcoffee French Press & Coffee at the end of the workshop! Create your profile and sign up for Wantedly’s Virtual Career Connect now! Thursday, 3 December from 1 PM Sign yourself up! Link in our bio!

Content Article

Content Article: The road often travelled: What to expect when planning a career change?

Content article: Look Back 2020: Growth in Wantedly Users

Wantedly B2B website revamped

Wantedly B2B website revamped

Email Marketing

Email marketing: Subject: [First Name], zero luck in getting hired?

Email Marketing: Subject: [First Name], the secret of life is..

Social Media-Four Types of Job Hunters

Social Media Marketing: Which type of job hunter are you? 1. The Chiongster: All the objectives are lined up and planned for an effective job hunt. The go-getter never allows an opportunity to slip through their fingers. 2. The Lepak-King: The same old resume is used over and over again to apply for all kinds of jobs. One eternity later... while Netflix finished playing the entire season...

Natalie Evie x Wantedly x Udemy: INSIDER SECRETS TO MASTER INTERVIEWS Want in on insider secrets to mastering interviews? In this course by @natalie_evie, in partnership with Wantedly, learn the ultimate interview techniques and get a clear understanding of what employers want to hear from you - and what they don't.

Social Media Marketing: Are you thinking of starting out on a plant-based diet? We have a quick tip for #newvegans! Start your meal simple but diverse, so focus on whole foods such as grains, legumes, fruits, loads of vegetables, nuts and seeds. They are packed with vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. Prep your meal over the weekend, to save time and money too! #Tuesdaytips


Social Media Marketing: Here comes another round of quick #TuesdayTips! This week, we talk about #personalbranding. Use the personal introduction part of your resume to focus on what makes you stand out as an individual. A strong, consistent message – a belief or a motivation that guides you through your career journey can make a considerable impression on recruiters! Have any great tips? Share with us using #TuesdayTips and #WantedlySg and we might just feature it!

WIN resume&personal branding consult

Social Media Marketing: ❗GIVEAWAY❗ Here’s an opportunity to polish up your resume! This week, we are giving away a 1-1 Resume & Personal Branding Consultation with our in-house expert 👩🏼‍💻. Plus! Our very own Wantedly swags are also up for grabs for 3 other lucky winners, including an invitation to tour our new @wework spot at Jalan Besar & coffee on the house! Did we mention there’s an infinity pool on the roof? 😁


Social Media Marketing: Trends or not, it’s crucial that we understand some fundamentals of alignment as we prepare for our presentations/resumes that require handling (sometimes) a hefty amount of content. Today, we are going back to basics! Full-justified text: gaps, gaps, gaps. Try to avoid using this application as the holes in between wordings create a visual eyesore. You’ll notice newspaper publishing apply this technique with hyphenates to remove the gaps!


Social Media Marketing: #designtips for non-designers — know the difference between a stylised font vs. traditional font. Try pairing fonts together that can capture readers attention, at the same time balance the readability. It’s important that the typeface you choose is legible, so your message gets communicated across effectively. If someone has to spend additional seconds staring at it to understand what’s written, then you may have failed to convey what you need to.

Social Media, on IG highlights: #WFH Bingo

Social Media, on IG highlights: #WFH Selfcare Bingo

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A preview of Wantedly sales deck